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Once a potential client has heard of you, your website is typically the first check before he or she returns your call, takes you seriously, places an order or recommends you to a friend or the board.

A remarkable website needs "brand congruency" and a "path to a sale":-

  • It's not a "one size fits all"
  • If the brand values do not immediately resonate at a gut level with key persona types - you'll lose the majority of decision makers
  • If there is no clear promise, nor benefit, nor path to sale - what's the point?
  • If the site doesn't back your promises with proof, it won't persuade other vital stakeholders in your audience
  • Key to collaboration is mapping out these key persuation elements for each decision maker
  • The rest is all about the craft and skills of creating assets and skills to run a working, living site 

The website should seed a belief that you understand their problem and can be trusted to deliver the solution.

It should initiate a response from the right customer

In a changing world the only constants are assets under your control... your domain is key

From 30 years of pioneering online business, and working with some of the most influential organisations, we've realised, time again, the critical importance of having all marketing activity, including social media, leading back to your own domain - typically your website.

It's yours, it can't be turned off, sin-binned or banned, or fall foul of some new algorithm played out by the latest social media platform.

Your competitors cannot advertise on your site, nor hijack your posts by paying social media for your valuable keywords.

Your domain is yours - it drives your email, your website, your brand home for a global, 24x7 audience. It's the only constant under your control. 

The website a pivot point, a confluence, a tipping point - a great place to start and continue a realtionship.

Can we help?

If you're seriuos about digital and it's future, and prepared to invest both time and money, then yes.

If you want a quick fix for free, then no - there's thousands of free articles on Google and plenty of newbies who want your business, some may work for the kudos and exposure. You maybe lucky and find a rising star who's still cheap. That can be a good find. Or you may find a newbie who messes your digital reputation big time.

Not us, we deliver long-term results and that takes experience and serious, sustained effort, planning & committment.

Our strategies, systems and processes or training can be applied to any platform - whatever system exists in zeros and ones - they're all different but the rules of digital are still the same.

The best results come from collaboration...

...where both our teams co-create and develop ideas.

And the only way to collaborate is to talk.

Let's explore ways to help achieve your goals for the next year.

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